Bordeianu Maria Otilia, Lacramioara BEILIC


Today, nobody doubts that technology and travel are the perfect combination. There are many surveys in the field of serious games, but most surveys are specific to a particular area. During the last decade, serious gaming has been applying to a broad spectrum of research domains, such as military, education, corporate, healthcare, advertisement, cultural heritage and also organization or city management, also earning a widespread recognition of distinctive features and intrinsic capability from different types of organizations (public, private, NGOs). Gamification of tourism can contribute to more interactions and higher level of satisfaction. Finally, the paper provides details about the development of a successful serious games, in the field of tourism. Your Local Guide project is trying to come up with relevant learning materials to bring adequate answers and solution for learning and providing tourism services. Your Local Guide focused on the development of digital competences of seniors willing to work as tourist agents or local guides in order to become experts in destination promotion through a life-long learning perspective.


tourism, cultural heritage, learning tools, gamification, serious games


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