Tourism Development in Rodna Mountains National Park: the Public Administration, a Key Stakeholder

Adeline Cristina Cozma, Monica Maria Coros


The research paper approaches the sustainable tourism topic, which is discussed at national level and has a significant impact upon the economic development and the international image of Romania. Its objectives are to minimize the negative effects on the environment, to protect the cultural heritage and also to offer learning opportunities, including benefits for the local economy and contributing to the structural development of local communities. The case study is focused on Rodna commune. The research methods used are secondary data analysis, comparisons, analogies and syntheses, primary qualitative research (induction and deduction methods). It aims at identifying: the current situation of Rodna commune, the community's point of view regarding tourism development and, also, identifying opportunities for sustainable tourism development. The research results show that both the local administration and the owners are aware of the poor condition of local tourism, but they have also shown optimism about the future possibilities of restoring the initial economic well-being of the mining period. In this regard, predictions are that tourist arrivals will increase due to the rehabilitation of tourist spots, the future improvement of infrastructure and the increasing quality of accommodation services.


Rodnei Mountains National Park, Rodna Commune, public administration, tourism, sustainability, qualitative research


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