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Europe, which occupied a significant part in the international tourism market, suffered a decreasing demand as a tourism destination, during and after the COVID crises. This decrease could be an opportunity to rethink the traditional models of tourism, to make them look better, to innovate and adapt them to the present trends of practicing tourism. Rethinking opportunity of these models is coming by the necessity of the fact that the tourism industry, by its nature, is focused on the economic growth, on the resources exploitation and on making profit as big as it can, in a short period of time. The actual economic and industrial trends, at the international level should give importance to the culture and social environment, to keep the biodiversity and to process resources in a rational and durable way. So, the new models of making tourism should change the tourist behavior, the operators’’ industry behavior and the industry behavior as well, to become successful models of practicing tourism, in order to revive the world tourism, as the traditional models did in the similar crises.









profit, resources, successful models, tourism industry, tourism operators



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