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The world has suffered and continues to suffer considerable losses and setbacks due to COVID-19, including the Travel and Tourism sector. The decrease of tourist destinations, during and after the COVID crisis in Europe, could be an opportunity to rethink traditional tourism models, to innovate and adapt them to the current trends of tourism practice, to make them look better. So the new tourism delivery models should change tourist behavior, operator industry behavior and industry behavior as well, to become successful models of tourism practice, to revive world tourism, as traditional models have done in similar crises. Starting from these considerations, the research objective of this paper consists primarily in the presentation of the most relevant studies from the specialized literature in the period 2020-2022, which addressed the issue of the survival of the tourism industry by analyzing the challenges, sustainable strategies and opportunities of the tourism sector during the pandemic of  COVID 19, and secondly to capture the evolution of the economic-financial indicators for the tourist entities in the North East Region of Romania, over a period of 3 years including the effects of SARS COV 2, on the activities in this sector.


tourism, tourism industry, tourism operators, the Travel and Tourism sector, tourism services, performance, North East Region of Romania, COVID-19.


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