Gabriela-Liliana Cioban


This paper identifies a number of possibilities for leisure in Bucovina, taking into account the tourist resources it possesses. In order to make the best use of these resources, it is necessary to develop and implement strategies that contribute to the creation of the image, the awareness of the tourist destination and the attraction of tourists throughout the year. From a methodological point of view, qualitative methods were used to obtain information on the elements of Bucovina tourism as well as the essential characteristics for choosing a new holiday destination. The information gathered during this work conveys to tourism decision-makers the idea that the new type of tourist chooses their future holiday on the basis of images, lived experiences (by themselves or other tourists), promises and emotional links between the visitor/tourist and the destination. Some studies show that Bucovina is a preferred destination for tourists even though they spend a relatively short time in the region. In order to retain them for more days, investments are needed to develop the area as a tourist destination on all levels.


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Satul Bucovinean ca destinație turistică – Cum îl protejăm: și promovăm:


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