Puiu NISTOREANU, Maria Roxana DOROBANŢU, Claudia Elena ŢUCLEA


There is now an increasing trend of mundane and fashionable world to live together in with the environment, to spend more time in nature, to be closer to all that is unpolluted, peaceful and less known. Tourists requiring nature holidays in rural areas are becoming more and more. Ecotourism in the countryside or in the full nature is increasingly desired by people who live in urban areas with a high financial situation, but stressed out, eager to return to the nature, to the life in rural communities. Ecotourism, sustainable tourism and slow travel- all this forms of tourism have common points in terms of quality of time spent by tourists on holiday and allow them to appreciate a holiday spent far more profound, enabling them to return to long forgotten places and traditions, especially for tourists who come from highly developed countries or in those areas where they only partially preserved traditions and customs, living conditions.


Ecotourism; Nature – based tourism; Responsible tourism; Slow travel


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