Mădălina Corina Pintilei, Pavel Stanciu


Romanian tourism in the last 5 years is in line with the general trend of the European tourism phenomenon. Therefore, we believe that the national post-pandemic tourism is undergoing a process of re-dimensioning and reorganization, having as converging elements the revitalization of tourist circulation, the increase of domestic consumption and ensuring tourist comfort and safety.

The analysis of statistical data on Romanian tourism from 2019-2023 focuses on highlighting the dynamics of tourism flows based on 2019, the year before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The absolute values of Romanian tourism in the last 5 years show, starting in 2022, a revival of national tourism, both incoming and outgoing, but at least for the time being we cannot speak of a reach of the levels recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic. Most probably, 2024 will be the year when Romanian tourism will overcome this phase of inflection and setback associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.



Romania, post-pandemic tourism, air traffic Covid-19


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